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Had an amazing weekend leading worship with some outstanding and anointed worship leaders.  Phillip LaRue and I teamed up to lead at the Foundry’s Friday Night Meltdown, a ministry of Scott MacLeod’s Harvest Sound.  Scott has been ministering in and to Nashville’s inner city for about 15 years, and I’m humbled and excited to be hooked up with him through the Meltdown.  On Sunday morning, Charée Balm and myself partnered with Brian Cooney to lead worship at the Gate in Franklin.  Almost had to cancel due to crushing my finger in a car door on Saturday, but the team more than made up for my handicap, and the Lord was glorified in my weakness.  My family and I have been attending the Gate, pastored by Steve Fry, since late Spring, but this was my first opportunity to lead worship there.  Thanks, Brian & Steve!