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Haven’t taken the time to blog or update in a while, and was reminded of that after a recent repeat ministry opportunity. Remember The Poor asked me to come back and lead worship for their annual board meetings in Arizona.  This is such an incredible ministry organization, and the only one of its kind I’m aware of that is 100% volunteer… all donations go directly to the needy recipients in Africa. I went to the meetings hoping and praying I would be a blessing, but ended up receiving blessings in a hugely disproportionate measure.

Videos of two life-altering sermons were presented at the meetings.  The first is from Francis Chan: Lukewarm and Loving It.  The other is a message from David Platt which he delivered at the pastors conference of the Southern Baptist Convention last summer.  Please watch these videos. I can assure you the Lord will speak to you through them. Then, visit Remember The Poor and see how the Lord directs your heart.