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This past weekend was a highlight in many ways. Our church hosted a conference featuring Heidi Baker and Lou Engle, two of my personal favorites in regards to Christian leadership and anointing.

Most people are familiar with Heidi Baker, but not Lou.  I first encountered him in July of 2007 at The Call in Nashville, a day-long event that my wife and I attended along with our two oldest children, and 80,000 other folks.  It featured a few guest speakers, lots of great worship and, of course, the event’s founder, Lou Engle.  After the event, I remember telling people who’d ask about Lou: It’s impossible to convey the authority and anointing the man walks in.

I still feel that way!  And I still can’t believe that he and Heidi Baker were at my church!  Pivotal kingdom expanders, both of them.

For the Saturday morning session where I did worship, I was blessed with a fantastic worship team, including my daughter, Alyssa.  I love it when she leads worship, because, as with my daughter Kylene, she is sensitive to the the Spirit, goes to just the right harmony and sticks to me like glue. The attendees were folks who know how to worship, so someone could have showed up with nothing but a kazoo and they’d still be on fire.

I left my kazoo at home.

This time.