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At about the age of 12, my youngest daughter began to take an interest in singing. I noticed that she intentionally pushed herself toward uncomfortable places vocally. She didn’t really have a knack for harmonies, for example, but she forced herself to work at them constantly. She would listen to every kind of worship music, as well as other genres, and try to pick out the harmony.

Honestly, this kind of bugged me at first, and I truly felt she was wasting her time. It just didn’t sound very good, quite honestly, and yet she persisted.

And persisted.

…And kept at it, month after month after month. Until something amazing happened… she started to get it!  Through the years, she’s maintained a teachable spirit and a heart of worship, and now she has a voice that matches her heart.

After some gentle prodding to join me, last week Alyssa finally acquiesced and led worship with me for the first time. So proud of her!!