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Beautiful, Just Amazing

“…Silent Stones was the best worship CD I’ve heard in a while. May God bless you so much!”

Lydia C (age 16)San Antonio, TX

Loved your CD!

“We will be playing all of your songs…”

Jeff TylerNight Watch Ministries


“From the first tone, I liked this guy. Wonderful lyrics, easy melody. Need to hear more of this type of artist.”

ChristianBandsPortadown, UK

Like a breeze off the ocean – it’s that refreshing

“I liked every song and I’m playing and singing several of them already. Soon I’ll teach them to my friends and use them in our worship in Grandville MI. Thanks.”

Mike DertienGrandville, MI

The Endless Blessing

“I have had the privilege of worshiping the Lord with these songs. The musical composition and lyrical content make it easy for me to enter my Lord’s throne room. I thank the Lord for bringing music like this to life through Chris.”

Todd McNeillSan Clemente, CA

Highly anointed music, spiritually refreshing

“The melodies pull on your heart, but the lyrics are what make these songs great – They display an intimate relationship with the Lord. Vertical music like this is infectious and makes the listener want to enter in with Chris in worship to God.”

Deborah FischerSpotsylvania, VA

My heart is moved

“Your passion for God… His Holiness, His Faithfulness, His Greatness as well as His intimacy… all these and more are reflected and communicated in your songs. They are fresh, unpredictable, like God Himself. Thank you for putting these songs in my hand/heart. May they find expression here and around the world.”

Tom MosleyWorship PastorHouston’s First Baptist ChurchHouston Texas

We Love It!

“Thanks for your faithfulness to our God and your heart for worship. Each time we listen we are blessed more by the lyrics as we make them our own hearts cry. Refreshing! Not performance centered, just God centered!”

Scott and AllisonPhoenix, AZ


“Your CD is excellent. It will be in our rotation for a long time.”

Scott AlbrightGeneral ManagerKWPB 98.7 FM Newport, OR

Fresh and Truly Excellent

“What a fresh perspective some of these songs provide; the song Silent Stones is brilliant! With excellent production throughout, Chris Nesbitt has created an album that blesses and encourages. Great for singing along to in the truck, or wherever you are since the tunes get stuck in your head 😉 I don’t often enjoy paying full price for a CD, but this one is worth every penny and more.”

Gary R HookPflugerville, TX

A Must-Have For The Worship Professional

“…will lead you to your prayer closet regardless of where you are when you hear it.” (Read the full review here.)


My Peace

“I search each year for music that will bless my soul and touch my heart. I seek music that brings emotion to my spirit and a longing to be held in the arms of God. This cd has given me all that I search for and continues to bless me each day as I commute to and from work. The songs are constantly in my mind and I find myself singing them throughout the day with my (public school) students. This is a cd that has been written by God through Chris and you can feel His glory and honor with each chord. Thank you for blessing so many lives and touching hearts throughout the country!”

Angela GrahamAnthem, AZ


“Your CD has blessed me so much. I have been able to experience God in such a deeper way and it has opened my eyes wider to see his face. Each day as I listen to the words, a smile spreads across my face. As I listen to some of the songs I feel as though God is speaking to me, through you. The words that you sing are so deep and true. Through your music I am drawn to seek the Lord and read his word.”

Rachel (age 13)Northern CA

That Amazing CD

“I just want you to know that the depth of your music feeds the soul of a true worshiper. We are able to enter into the Holy of Holies and be on our face before the Lord with words given to the groanings of our heart.”

Janet WietbrockChico, CA

Diverse & Anointed

“I just wanted to send you a note telling you how much I love your CD. I believe that the Lord has anointed you with an amazing ability to compose music. The words that you chose for each of the songs are so deep in meaning and have such a beautiful message. Also, the way that your voice is so dynamic never ceases to amaze me. In every song it seems that you have the ability to create different yet a euphonious sounding voice. Sometimes, I just sit and listen to the words, and I am completely blown away by their depth. Today my mom and me were talking about “On The Other Side” and were amazed at how you came up with the perfect words that created the most amazing song. Many artists compose one really good song and then they get stuck and end up making a few songs that have the same type of rhythm and have similar content. All of your songs have different tempos and have very diverse subjects. They are all so amazing and reflect what is on your heart. I am so blessed by your music and I hope that you understand that.”

Sarah (age 15)

I love it!

“This is my new favorite worship CD. Enough said!”

Roger GalesExecutive PastorHeritage Christian Fellowship


“I bought an extra one for the worship leader in my church in New Mexico and he plans to use at least one of the songs (Hail to the King) in our church. I especially loved the silent stones track.”

Dan GabelLos Alamos, NM

This CD appeals to teens as well as adults!

“I loved this CD! The songs got stuck in my head and stayed with me keeping me praising God all day. When my day is not going as I planned, the words of the songs come back to me and remind me of God’s love. All of my friends love the CD as well, and we find ourselves singing the songs all the time. This CD appeals to teens as well as adults. My favorite song is In This Moment.”

Aubrey (age 16)Capo Beach, CA

Authentic and Powerful

“Each and every song takes you on an authentic journey to the very throne of the Almighty God. Taking you deep into a place where your heart cries out with adoration and thanks as God ministers to the deepest places of your life. I was delighted and stirred by the ushering of my soul into a spirit of praise when I first heard the album. Silent Stones is destined to become one of your favorites and a cornerstone of your praise and worship collection.”

Chris PollingerSan Clemente, CA


“Thank you Lord for this CD. A wonderful mix of songs that lead you into worship with melodies that stay with you throughout the day. A great tool for the church to use to enhance its repertoire of music that works on Sunday morning and all week long at home. This is a CD that is a keeper.”

Bruce and Sandy WegnerCapistrano Beach, CA

Nice Project

“Nice to know another local WL is making an indie project. Very nice artwork by my bud Scott Bailey! Really nice arrangements. He’s a great songwriter for worship (congregational) songs which is seriously lacking right now in my humble opinion. I’ve had the CD for about a week now and I’m sure glad to have it. What’s also great is that he offers the charts on his website. There’s nothing more frustrating for a WL than to discover a fabulous song and then to have to buy a $20 book for one song it’s ridiculous…. All we do is spend money over money…. Don’t get me started. I appreciate his servant heart and was encouraged by his words on the site. Really, you should check out his website. Maybe I’ll make it over to San Clemente to see him lead worship live. This CD is definitely worth having.”

Bridget WillardDana Point, CA

Great worship music for the soul

“The lyrics really minister to your soul while praising an awesome God.”

Mark TaylorSan Clemente, CA

What a sweet time of worship!

“There’s nothing like coming into the presence of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords! But how many times do I let the circumstances of life get in the way of that? Praise the Lord for this incredible CD that helps silence the stones in my life and usher me into the Throne Room before the God of the Universe! The Lord has used this music to minister deeply to my spirit, to bring me to a more intimate place with Him, and to know Him better.”

Debbie SpeikSan Clemente, CA

It’s all about offering praise and worship to the King of Kings!

“You hear in these songs of praise the heart of a true worshiper. If this first release is any indication, I expect it – and future recordings – will help individuals and congregations enter in to true worship. I hope to hear many more from this artist. Listen to the words, then join and give praise to the King!”

Slabside45Laguna Niguel, CA

Great for bringing you into the Throne Room or our Mighty God!

“WOW, so Much to say. Thank YOU Lord Jesus for your gift of music as poured into people like Chris, gifted to bring it to the masses. Anyone with a heart for Worship will be touched deeply by the depth of tenderness that flows from Your Song, I want to Be Like You, and In this Moment. On The Other Side has the essence of an old familiar Hymn that I suspect will be sung for years to come by the Saints. I encourage you to take a quiet hour out of your busy life and spend time letting the lyrics and Love of Jesus fill you through this music. You will not be able to keep your eyes open or hands by your side. Share this work with someone you may know who not only Loves to worship but who leads others into the throne room of our Lord of Lords – You will be encouraged, filled, and energized if you let the Fathers heart touch you through this Project. Hail to the King!”

JessicaCapo Beach, CA

Highly inspiring — takes you to the foot of the throne

“This CD allows you to enter in to the throne room. You just shut your eyes and you are in the presence of Jesus. I highly recommend this CD for people who like to worship.”

Kevin Corbett

In This Moment

“What a blessing! I was enjoying each song and found myself being caught up in the spiritual realm listening to “In This Moment.” And that was just a little taste! I love this CD. May many be touched by it and get caught up in worshiping the Lord. You ushered me in!”

Judy Brocato


“I am thrilled that others throughout the world will be able now to worship God through Chris’ music.”


Bringing it home!

“I love blasting this worship CD in my own home! What a beautiful taste of heaven.”

Kathy Ansari


“So beautiful and inspiring. Thank you!”

LindaPhoenix, AZ

In HIS Presence

“I get sooo full when I play this CD, I really feel God’s presence with me. The words express my heart’s desire and draw me to tears and our Lord’s heart every time. I tell just about everyone I know who would really appreciate the heart of this worship CD. Thanx brother for sharing this with fellow worshipers! Like God’s Word I believe this will not return void.”

BettySan Bernardino CA

Inspired and Holy Spirit Guided

“Of the many reviews I write, it sometimes is a little tough to make them sound different and exciting. But when a project comes along that is inspired and Holy Spirit guided, then it is not an issue at all. “Liquid Worship” is such a project. God has chosen to make Chris Nesbitt a messenger of His Word through song.”

Spirit Filled

“Liquid Worship bathes the listener with lovely songs magnifying God’s glory, grace, and beauty. A Spirit-filled collection of songs to meditate on God’s Word and His Goodness–bringing peace and rest to those blessed to hear it. A must have for all worshippers! Thank you Chris and the band for bringing us this beautiful CD.”

CarrieHermitage TN


“What a wonderful album! Well produced and presented. Your focus on Jesus is right on. (My only disappointment came when the CD was over.)”


SO Blessed

“I have been SO blessed by how God has touched me through the music He gave you. Words are inadequate to describe the impact it has on my spirit when I listen to it, which is often. Thank you for being faithful in using the gift God gave you!”

David Switzer

Full of Life

“Chris Nesbitt’s second album shows signs of great maturity in worship leading. The result is a well accomplished set of songs, and possibly the most remarkable achievement is that there are no weak tracks throughout the whole album. …it will reward those who search out ‘Liquid Worship.’”

90% Score

“Worshippers, this one is can’t-miss.(read the full review here)”

CMcentral.comCCM Magazine

High Quality

“Produced with excellence… songs that blend musical anthem and God-centered adoration. It will easily be used to change the hearts of those who worship with it. A must-download.” (WL Mag, Jan/Feb 2008)

Worship Leader MagazineWorship Leader Magazine

Touches my Heart

“Your new cd makes me fall to my knees in prayer every time I hear it. It truly touches my heart every time I listen to it.”

Heather (age 14)Seattle WA


“Don’t miss this one, it’s Awesome.”

My Cross

Inspiring and Moving

“This worship project is lyrically inspiring and moving. It will pull you in right from the beginning with the songs Living Water, The Sustainer, and Thousand Praises. You will be moved into a deeper time of worship with God.”

The Phantom Tollbooth